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Recently, as I was enjoying a ride, I thought about how some of the basic instructions we received in motorcycle safety class last summer does reflect life itself.

One such instruction was “look into the curve.”

In life, especially when faced with challenges, if we look into the curve, look where we plan to exit the curve, we steer ourselves in the right direction.  We come out of the curve, the difficult maneuver, exactly where we set our eyes to bring us out.

While working through the twist in the road when we do not look left, right, or down.  We hold our posture, looking ahead, at the end result.  We focus.

It really does work.

Have you faced any challenges lately where looking into the curve might help?

I have.  One is HR 2359, a bill that could be devastating to you (as a consumer and friend), me – a small business owner, and the country in general, as we might lose more of our freedom.  Where do I stand? I am against the bill, but I am looking into the curve, with my eyes focused on the end result.  I may need to adjust.  I may need to make changes.  But I am focused.  And I will survive, stronger than ever.  I hope you find that type of resolve to your conflicts as well!

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America, the home of the free and the brave...

Do you enjoy natural products? Do you enjoy safe personal care products? Do you want the freedom to decide what products you use to cleanse your body, wash your hair, brush your teeth with? If proposed legislation finds its way through the doors, you may no longer have that choice.

I will very briefly explain (in my own simple words) the Colorado Personal Care Products Act, coming up for discussion March 1, 2010, House Bill 10-1248. 

If the bill passes, anyone living in the state of Colorado will not be able to purchase personal care products that contain (but are not limited to) FD&C dyes, quite a few essential oils (all natural), most flavor oils (even natural ones), and all man-made fragrances (that have already been deemed safe by the FDA). 

For the personal care product maker (including myself) I will no longer be able to ship any products into the state of Colorado that contain any of the items mentioned above (and more). 

Good-bye Avon, good-bye Mary Kay, good-bye buying personal care items from people such as myself that pride themselves on purity, un-compromised ingredients, cleanliness, and personal safety.  If the bill passes it will affect Colorado first, but I can see it snowballing to your own state and mine.

What is their thinking? They want to eliminate any ingredients that can lead to cancer.  The bill is written in very broad terms.  It is not clear how testing will be completed.  It is not clear if testing, for example, will include one safe drop of essential oil, or an IV line dripping with no dilution, which will surely make a rat sick, filled with cancer.

In my own personal life, this bill could affect me greatly (my own health care and business).  It can affect your choice of personal care items.  It can affect the choice of natural and holistic care that you choose to give yourself and your family.  A few nights ago I made a rub for myself, for sore legs and knees.  If this bill passes, I will no longer be able to obtain the very natural, beautiful oils that I used to take care of my body safely.

Can you help?

Perhaps you can, and I hope you do.  March 1, 2010 is the day they will be listening to us (small and large business owners, and consumers).

To read in more detail, including links to the proposed act itself, please go to:  The Slippery Slope of Bad Science, written byKayla Fioravanti, of Essential Wholesale.  It is eye-opening!

Do an online search for this bill as well.  There are many interesting articles written by consumers and small business owners that more deeply explain the ramifications of the proposed bill.

In closing, I shake my head at the items that can be purchased that may lead to cancer, #1 cigarettes, which are money-makers, and definitely not banned.  So, why make it illegal to take care of our own bodies as we see fit? A drop of essential oil isn’t going to make a person sick, nor is our bar of soap so carefully made (with ingredients that have already been proven safe). Where are our American rights going?

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