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Recently, as I was enjoying a ride, I thought about how some of the basic instructions we received in motorcycle safety class last summer does reflect life itself.

One such instruction was “look into the curve.”

In life, especially when faced with challenges, if we look into the curve, look where we plan to exit the curve, we steer ourselves in the right direction.  We come out of the curve, the difficult maneuver, exactly where we set our eyes to bring us out.

While working through the twist in the road when we do not look left, right, or down.  We hold our posture, looking ahead, at the end result.  We focus.

It really does work.

Have you faced any challenges lately where looking into the curve might help?

I have.  One is HR 2359, a bill that could be devastating to you (as a consumer and friend), me – a small business owner, and the country in general, as we might lose more of our freedom.  Where do I stand? I am against the bill, but I am looking into the curve, with my eyes focused on the end result.  I may need to adjust.  I may need to make changes.  But I am focused.  And I will survive, stronger than ever.  I hope you find that type of resolve to your conflicts as well!

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