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Super Bowl Sunday

No…no Super Bowl party… just two middle aged people putting
more winter pounds on in the middle section. Touchdown!! πŸ™‚

This is about the only frozen meal we will eat. And somehow we like it too much!

About myself and football…my father was in the Army. We travelled a lot. We were stationed in Indianapolis, IN, more frequently than anywhere else. So, I claim myself as a Hoosier girl.

After living in Indianapolis for most of my adult life, I became a Colts fan. I loved to go to the NFL games! I would go to work the next day with hardly any voice at all. It got to be very expensive, though. I either sat in the nosebleed section or I had tickets from work.

The best tickets were the pair that were given to me by a co-worker for a Christmas Eve game. We lost, I didn’t care. I missed part of a family get-together because I revelled in sitting 4 rows above the home bench. I was in heaven.

The days of the NFL are way behind me. Oh yeah…but I strongly remember sitting behind the goal posts in the RCA dome, as the Steelers slap cheated the Colts to death. Sorry…that slipped out.

And which team actually grabbed my attention 20-something years ago? The San Francisco 49-ers! Yeppers! They were awesome!

The Cardinals and the Steelers, wow, I would have never dreamed that one up! We will not be watching the Super Bowl in our household. May your team win. πŸ™‚

And may my waistline expand a bit more. I have cookies in the oven…again. I lost 12 pounds when kidding season fired up last year. Perhaps I will do it again! That’s it…I am storing up energy for that event!

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Favorite Shopping Spot

I am dreaming this evening…of my old time favorite shopping spot, Nashville, Indiana.

This is one of the shops. Moss grows on the roof in the summer months. πŸ™‚ Many are fun shops, many with gorgeous rustic and country types of wares.

I lived about one hour away from Nashville, which made it easy for me to visit 4-5 times a year. Up early, off to Nashville, many times by myself.

My stops started with the For Bare Feet shop. Fun, comfortable, locally made socks. I have a pair with flashy fawn boxers on them. Of course, they stay hidden under my pants. I bought dalmation socks one year, along with dalmation t-shirts for my nieces. They wore them out, worn as PJ’s for years.

I had my perfume formulated at The French Connection. They do an excellent job for decent prices! Now, of course, I wear my own.

I shopped at the herb store (I cannot remember the name), to purchase hand made soap. The soap was not wrapped. It layed in stacks on an old wooden chopping block type of table. Brown paper bags layed neatly by the soaps. It was a sack your own soap type of deal. I believe you could buy 5 soaps, get the 6th one free. Oh my, the pathchouli was to die for!

I always had to go the the shops with the whimsicle gardens, such as Ruth’s Garden. And I had to hit up the candle shops. I allowed myself to pick up about 5 candles each trip. πŸ™‚
And I cannot leave out the fresh hot cashew nuts in the Nut House!
Mmm..mmm…the memories! Have you been there?

I miss the little town! I do not think it is quite so rustic as it used to be. It is more of a tourist attraction than it is an artist colony (how it started), but to me it still holds its magic.

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Young Miss Amelie says Good Sunday Morning to you!

I met a very nice lady a few days ago, Alix. Alix has a great blog, Casa Hice! Yesterday, she wrote an enjoyable article about William The Wonder Goat. I think Alix will see goats in her future again! For my friends that are goat or animal lovers, you will want to read Alix’s post, and for those of you that want to help a nice lady (who is also in a winter slump, like the rest of us), yep you heard me, the winter doldrums, please visit her blog!

It was a warm 30-something degrees this morning as I walked down to the pond before dawn to feed the ducks. It felt great! A true heat wave, makes me want to read a book in the yard swing and bask in sunshine. We really do not have sunshine today, and the temperatures are dropping, along with wind and snow showers, but I did enjoy those few moments outside this morning with the quiet and the much warmer temps.

We are visiting with friends today. Our dear friend, Bob, has been struggling with figuring out how to print labels from his computer. This is the same friend that had never touched a computer before last spring. He has since adopted his “friend,” and I give him a blue ribbon for his accomplishments. He is going to get a lesson in label printing today, along with a set of labels from my office. Bless his heart. πŸ™‚

This week I am geared up for soap making. I have colorants that I am going to work with. Honestly, I have never used colorants that were not based on herbal, complexion clay, or essential oils. So…I will be making some fun colored soaps, and I’ll share pics with all of you. One day this week I will tell about the colorants and the wonderful package of goodies that they arrived in.

Beginning February 1, I am going to run a soap of the month special. I believe I have the first scent picked out. It is a popular one! I’ll match up the lotions, and some bath salts as well.

I also wanted to say, if you have any thoughts on scents that you would like to see in a soap or lotion, I have big listening ears. I am welcome to any ideas! I try so very hard to keep myself out of the box of selling what I like personally, what you like might be different from what I like.

Anyhow…I need to end this rambling for the day. πŸ™‚ I can get carried away pretty easily! Enjoy your Sunday, relax, enjoy the reprise from the arctic freeze (if you have warmer temps today), if not, get the extra covers out and hibernate!

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What do coffee pots, platters and websites have in common? Nothing, but I smile as I say that.

My eyes are tired. I started working on the website this morning at 7:15 A.M., I just now finished my project. The navigation has been updated, with an easier to read site map added. If you visit some time, please let me know if you find a broken link or see something that needs repairing.

My feet and legs are cold. I never get cold inside the house, but a day of sitting at the desk has done me in. I have an oil filled heater behind me, I turned it up on high about an hour ago. The corner that my office sits in is the oldest corner in my house. I would venture to say it could be 100 years old. Anyhow, it is a whopping 8 degrees now, wind chill -4. The sunshine is pretty though, quite the fooler! And…I am jumping for joy…I just saw that we are having a heat wave tomorrow, 29 degrees is the expected high! The girls will be back outside, stretching those poor leg muscles back out!

I took several pictures this week of different areas of the house, along with things that I like to collect. The coffee pot and platter in this picture came from the same place as the chair and mirror (blog post several days ago). The man that owned all of these things lived in a very old renovated barn. That coffee pot sat on top of the huge cast iron stove in the dairy room for many years. I love it, and I was thrilled to have been given it!

I am excited to tell that I received a wonderful “Good Pack” today from Anne-Marie, CEO, Brambleberry. I have not had the opportunity yet today to open the bottles of essential oils and fragrances, but it is going to happen within the next several hours! You betcha’! Anne-Marie sent a lovely bar of soap, a soap mold, and some colorants as well. I will share all of these items with you, as well as showcase the very much appreciated hand written card within the next several days! Anne-Marie is an absolute inspiration to me. I never expected anything from commenting on Anne-Marie’s Soap Queen blog, my comments come from my heart. I truly treasure the Good Pack! Thank you!

Well, that wraps up the news in my part of Ohio for the day! I need to do some reading and commenting. From the looks of the thumbnail pics, everyone has been busy! πŸ™‚

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Primitive Soap Balls

Update, and no update (as I roll my eyes), the hugely pregnant does are still holding onto those kids. πŸ™‚

Today I am filling orders and working on packaging for new bath products.

For some reason I began reflecting on my childhood a bit ago, remembering when I began my interest in soap.

I was about 8 years old. We went on a school field trip to a replica of a pioneer village. I loved the big two story house! I loved the fireplaces, the cooking hearths, the old wobbly glass window panes, and the primitive furniture. I still adore these things!

During the field trip we walked outdoors from shop to shop. We stopped at the wood shop, the candle making shop, the wool spinning shop, and the iron smith shop. If someone would have asked me if I wanted to turn the century clock back, I would have let out a big “yes!”

Before we left the village we stopped at the souvenir shop. I think my mother had given me 50 cents that day. I didn’t want candy, nor did I want a toy, I was fascinated by the rustic balls of soap displayed in the big wash tins along the back wall. So I bought my first bar of soap! Pretty similar to the soap in this photo!

A few years later, I think I ended up being the only youngster I knew that had a couple of shoe boxes full of soap under her bed. I had pretty Avon soap shaped like handkerchiefs, hand crafted soap, tar soap, oatmeal soap, every scent I could get my hands on. What a strange thing for a kid to love, but I did. I didn’t think anything of it!

I never thought about making my own soap way back then. It didn’t cross my mind! But somehow I eventually found what I was looking for. Now, more than 4 decades later, I want to make soap balls! I would love to see a vintage jar with soap balls in it!

This is why I urge people to do what their dreams are hinting at…do what you feel creative at. You just never know! And when you allow your creativity to come forward, happiness follows right behind

If anyone knows how to make soap balls, I am ready to learn!

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Goal Setting

Today, appropriate to New Year’s Eve day, I have been thinking about goal setting.

My first thoughts were jumbled. What is goal setting? What is important when setting goals?

One of the most important aspects of goal setting is to make sure you set any goal at an obtainable level. You know what hurdles you can jump, you know what you can achieve, and you know your own personal wants and needs. Your goals are just that, yours!

When setting goals, start with the largest of thoughts. Where do you want to be in life a year from now? Then begin breaking the big picture down into small pieces. The small pieces are what drives your daily life, what is important to you (family, friends, business, health). Prioritize the smaller pieces, and base your goals on what importance each places in your life, and what you can actually obtain. Be realistic.

When goal setting, it is best to use pen and paper. This allows you to see your progress throughout the year, and helps to keep yourself focused. One of the biggest obstacles in reaching goals is looking backwards. It is not a bad thing to have wisdom, to learn from mistakes, but never look back and allow the past to control your future. Set your eyes on the goal, and move towards it. Friends and family, with the greatest of loving intentions, can stray you from your goal setting path. Your determination will mean that you stay sure-footed, knowing what is good for you, and ensuring the end results that you are seeking are going to be met.

Again, make your goals something that you know you can obtain. Do not set goals that are not within your own grasp, meaning, if you know that there are outside influences (financial, physical, locality), reasons that make your goal impossible, then do not put yourself at risk of feeling failure. Start with goals that you know you can achieve, those that help you to move forward towards the “big” goals that you can eventually reach.

Have fun with your life, make sure you use your abilities. You are in charge of you! If something truly interests you, or if you have a talent, a niche, a creativity, reach for it! The more you allow your mind to open, the more open it becomes, and then you can begin to see end results that you, yourself, are truly happy with.

Happy New Year!

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I truly appreciate my fellow blogger friends.

We are living in a time filled with opportunity. Through something as simple as a blog, for example, we can connect so easily with like-minded business people, friends, and people with interests similar to our own. We can visit a work place, a home, or an office where we normally would not be able to venture, and it is a grand learning experience!

This means we can live lives that are full to the brim with fresh ideas, challenges, humor, and we can put on listening ears and be here to help others in even the smallest of ways!

I appreciate your comments. I do not know how many people read this blog from day to day, but I can tell you that I feel compelled to write, and I love it!

There are so many things that I want to do in life. At 50 years old I seem to be embracing so much more than what I did a few years back. With the new year fast approaching, I realize that putting some direction in my life is a good thing as well. The direction goes beyond losing the pounds in the middle, or straightening the pantry shelves, it means that I need to look at what truly matters in my life (thank you Anne-Marie for helping me to remember this), and to stay focused and grow with what really matters.

I also think this is a perfect time for many of us to move ahead with business plans. I am not looking at the economy to slow me down. Yes, I am cutting way back and struggling like many others, but what seems like a slump will eventually works its way back up, and we will be the first ones on the track going back up!

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Sunday…The Day Of Rest

I truly appreciate Sundays, the day we are told to rest. The day we start the week with. The day we renew, prepare our minds and body for the work week ahead.
Many of us set this day aside for family, friends, quiet time, worship, reflection, and even meditation.
I was startled awake this morning by something beautiful, much like the image above. The sunrise was so bright it seemed like something huge was burning. It was. The clouds striped across the horizon and the sunshine was streaming through. Glorius.
Yesterday’s post was meant to be something very positive. Life has a lot to offer. Despite our worries, we should never stop looking, onwards and upwards, for the brightness in the days ahead. Nor should we stop finding the brightness in this very moment.
God Bless.

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