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Today I enjoyed my time in the soap shop.  I always do savor my time there, but today I was inspired a bit more than normal.

I have been studying natural perfume and soon will be ramping up the testing.

Today I organized the essential oils that I have on hand.  I organized by type (base, middle, and top note).

I will be receiving several shipments of new oils this week and am excited to test new recipes. 

Of course, I want more oils.  I will likely never be satisfied.  As soon as I think I have the oils on hand that I will want/need I discover a new one that intrigues me.  However, time, patience, and small (layered) steps are best. 

Aroma has been a part of me since I was a small child.  Perhaps it began during the years we lived in France when I was a young child.  I do not know. 

Soap was a passion that started at 7 years old. 

I am excited to bring the perfume forward for several reasons.  First, I find so many perfumes on the market to be obtrusive to the senses.  They are overwhelming. 

I believe perfume should be a personal thing.  You and just perhaps a person close to you should be able to smell the aroma.  I do not think perfume should permeate a room.

Perfume should not cause horrible allergic reactions for those that are near you. 

That is why I am focusing only on natural perfumes. 

More to come on this topic soon.  I am enthused, and hoping to share more with everyone soon.

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