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The holiday season has arrived!

Don’t you just love this time if year? Everything smells so good, looks so pretty, and folks in general seem to be in great spirit!

In light of the season, we discounted our Pumpkin Caramel fragranced goat milk soap in our store to $3.50 a bar.

A customer recently told me they didn’t want to use their bar of Pumpkin Caramel because it made their bathroom smell so good! With the discount, folks like her can more easily double up on their soap purchases and place a bar in all of their rooms (kitchen, bath, or even another room where they might want to enjoy the seasonal scent).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Green Apple Cinnamon Goat Milk Soap

Introducing Annie’s Green Apple and Cinnamon goat milk soap.

This soap was sent to a wholesale customer who tested it in her shop.   It was loved!

I went very light on the cinnamon essential oil so I asked one customer what they smelled (my nose tends to shut off after being exposed to many fragrances), their response was, “The green apple is fabulous, with just a hint of warmth (cinnamon).”

With a description that includes:  pretty, smells great, creamy with goat milk.  What more can an apple goat milk soap lover ask for?

How about more holiday and fall soaps (being added to the website tonight and tomorrow):

– Sweet Apple and Peel (sweet, warm, and fresh)

– Chestnuts and Brown Sugar (vanilla and sugar definitely a big part of this soap)

– Winter Berry (a celebrative holiday berry scent)

– Ylang Ylang and Fir Needle (I thought of a claw foot tub, near a wood burning fire, perhaps in a log cabin?)

– Peppermint (Special request – peppermint with nothing else added!)

– Clary Sage Eucalyptus (Why not have some refreshing soap on a cold winter’s day?)

– Lemongrass Ginger (It’s time for herbal tea – and comfort soap!)


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