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I can virtually hear the Ohio LOTTO machines in my ears, as the lottery tickets are scanned at the cash registers, “Winner…Winner…Winner”!

Of course, in this contest there were no stakes – no money involved, and the odds were much lower than 1 in a million.

The percentage of goat milk in Annie’s goat milk soap is 21.73%!

The winners of our Fun Fact Contest are:

Matt of Online Labels.  Matt submitted an amazing guess of 21% goat milk! Wow! I nod my head with a definite agreement at Matt’s comments:  “I would say that you would need about 21% goats milk to make a bar of your soap.  Goats milk is pretty rich so lucky 21 sounds like a realistic number.” The milk is definitely rich, and it fluctuates as the season progresses (grass-fed, hay fed, etc…).  Tricky stuff, the milk can be!

Jen submitted a guess of 18%.  Jen’s comments were, “I would adore a bar of soap…we have dairy goats and this is intriguing to me.  I am guessing 17.5%.  Thanks for the chance to win!” A dairy goat owner, thumb’s up!

Thank you for all of the entries.  Thank you to Becky of Twisted Fencepost for postponing your Farm Photo Friday to blog about our contest!

The winners will be telling us their choice of soaps once they receive our email today.  I am excited to see what they select!

Enjoy your day, everyone!

P.S. We have another contest in the wings, already outlined on paper.  Get your cameras ready, the prizes are larger, and the entries are going to be a ton of fun!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel the Goodness!

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Let’s forget about the snow and winter dreariness.  Instead, let’s have some fun strolling down memory lane.

Basic contest outline:

  • The winner will receive a bar of lavender goat milk soap and a 4 oz. bottle of goat milk lotion. 
  • The winner will be drawn randomly. 
  • To enter contest:  leave a comment on this post.  Not just any comment.  You must tell what your favorite piece of clothing (or outfit) was from your youth (or past), and why.  You must tell what your least favorite clothing was (you know, those cases where you had to wear something that you didn’t want to wear).  And, you must describe your most outrageous piece of clothing from your youth.
  • Contest begins February 18 1:00 A.M., Eastern Standard Time.  Contest ends February 19 8:00 P.M., Eastern Standard Time.

Any questions?

Have fun!

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