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Let’s forget about the snow and winter dreariness.  Instead, let’s have some fun strolling down memory lane.

Basic contest outline:

  • The winner will receive a bar of lavender goat milk soap and a 4 oz. bottle of goat milk lotion. 
  • The winner will be drawn randomly. 
  • To enter contest:  leave a comment on this post.  Not just any comment.  You must tell what your favorite piece of clothing (or outfit) was from your youth (or past), and why.  You must tell what your least favorite clothing was (you know, those cases where you had to wear something that you didn’t want to wear).  And, you must describe your most outrageous piece of clothing from your youth.
  • Contest begins February 18 1:00 A.M., Eastern Standard Time.  Contest ends February 19 8:00 P.M., Eastern Standard Time.

Any questions?

Have fun!

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