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Farm-house goat milk soaps carry with them a rememberance of days gone by.  A simple farm life.  My goal is to some day own a farm with a working farm store (filled with goat milk soap of course), with a beautiful petting area for the visitors to meet goats.  Who knows, I may even have a guest home for the occasional overnight stay. 

But at this time, there is no farm store.  My insurance agent strictly forbade me from allowing visitors to cross the threshold.  I adhere. 

There is a beautiful retail store, called Country Home Crafts, located about 10 minutes from my farm, filled to the brim with wonderful handcrafted items that include furniture, handbags, candles, assorted home decorations, linens, and of course, Annie’s Goat Hill soaps and lotions. 

Until the day arrives where I meet my goals of a farm store located right on the premises, purchases will need to be made online or at the retail store.

The location is:

Country Home Crafts, 8446 St. Rt. 62, Hillsboro, OH  45133

I feel genuinely sorry for those that have called to say, “I am on my way (to the farm).”  I swiftly redirect.  If you want to meet me, give me a call, I’ll be more than happy to meet up with you at the store!

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