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I feel a sense of satisfaction when I can assist a customer one-on-one with their product needs and wants.

Recently, a customer sent a random email asking if I could make a soap for her complexion.  She named off the essential oils and clay that she felt would be good in the soap.  I tested her suggested essential oil blend on a strip later that day.  It worked perfectly. 

I sent a response to the customer, telling her that I agreed with her facial soap suggestion, and that the combination of the essential oils was a “go.” 

The customer responded to the email, “Oh my gosh, you are actually going to do this? I didn’t really think you would!” Of course I would, and I do, and I will. 

I delight in operating a small enough business to make lotions and whipped shea butter fresh to order.  Those particular products are not limited to the fragrances listed in the online store.  If a customer asks me for a particular fragrance in her products, and if I have it on hand, I will scent their products as they wish.

One small reminder, safety first.  If only 4 drops of an essential oil can safely be added to 1 ounce of product, that is what is added.  If a fragrance is listed at a safety level of 10% by the supplier/manufacturer, that is the maximum I add to a product.

I appreciate questions and comments.  Shoot them at me!

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