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french thatched roof cottage

My father was in the United States Army, therefore, we traveled frequently.

One blessing in my young life was to live in France for two years.

Many memories of France linger, such as our visit to Paris, French pastries (nothing compares), learning the French language in grade school, school field trips to château’s – the mazes and moats that surrounded the beautiful stone buildings, gypsies travelling in covered wagons, and open-air city markets. 

I stumbled across this photo and felt a surge of abiance.  Goodness…for someone that does not want to travel, I could definitely visit a place like this!

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Do you have a favorite bathroom style?

I love the country cottage look.  Whitewashed walls, antique claw foot tub, painted wood floor. Billowy soft curtains.  A lot of antique white!

I am considering redecorating a small bathroom, however, I have stained wood Amish made cabinetry that I probably should not distress or white wash.  But, we only live once, right?

This is the type of thing I love:

I would probably go with a light sage green instead of robin’s egg blue, or perhaps caramel or a deep sand beige.

Simple, rustic, country cottage feel…and, of course, I have to add, I can see a large bowl of goat milk soap sitting somewhere in the room, along with a claw foot tub, great for the aromatherapy bath treatment!

By the way, this photo came from Valspar.com.  I had a load of fun picking out colors, and using the “digital painter.”

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