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Castile Soap

I truly am a “soap nerd,” but I do not care.  It is a fun thing to feel passionate about.

I swing back and forth on the types of soaps that I like.  This month I may use a patchouli soap, next month I may return to honey oatmeal. 

The soap that has my attention this week is castile.  My castile is made from pure olive oil and goat’s milk. 

Ask about castile soap and some will define it as 100% vegetable oil soap, any vegetable oil.  Some will tell you that castile is made from 100% coconut oil.  I prefer the olive oil, which is a type of castile soap that has been made for hundreds of years. 

When the soap is still soft, freshly removed from the mold, it has a very natural smell that I really cannot describe.  Today I kept picking up tiny pieces that I had cut from the corners.  I would have loved to have used it today, but it is way too soft, and not cured to a mild point yet.  Castile soap normally cures for 6 weeks.

My customers tell me what they want in just a few words.  They do not want to pay for fancy packaging.  They do not want to pay for elegant gift baskets.  When they arrive on my website, they have been looking for good goat milk soap, often for sensitive skin.  Castile is one of the soaps that I am happy to provide for that reason.


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castile goat milk soap

You may have heard of castile soap from your grandparents.  Castile has a long history.  Written references to castile soap date back to the early 1600’s from Italy and Spain. 

Castile is a pure olive oil soap.  It is mild, not drying to the skin.  By standards, castile soap is fine, hard, white and colorless.

My version of castile soap contains goat milk and olive oil.   It is a slightly off-white soap and odorless. 

It tested in my bath as a hard soap, long-lasting.  It rinsed well with no residue, yet, it was not drying to the skin.  

Castile soap will become available on the website this week.

If you are interested, please let me know.  I plan to add castile soap to the base list of soaps that I carry this week!

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