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Autumn 2009 001I walked down to the apple tree today.   The big tree is fully loaded.  I need to get busy and make something of the fruit.  The tree produces tart and crisp apples.  Good for cooking! I am thinking…put the diet aside and make a delicious pie!!! MMM…that’s the ticket, ma’am!!!Autumn 2009 002

 Still have some tomatoes to pick…these might be our last…the color is amazing!

Autumn 2009 003

I have always been very fond of the flowers that love fall temperatures, such as zinnias and marigolds.  I love to stagger zinnias by height.  Oh…and I am considering some marigold petals (Calendula) goat milk soap.  So healthy!

Autumn 2009 004

The mums are beautiful as well.  

Autumn 2009 005

And last, but not least, for those of you better with plant names than I (apparently) are, what are these called? They bloom beautifully in the fall.  They have grown into a huge plant, planted here when the Amish owned our home.  I still get surprises from their plantings, by the way! Like the Lady Slipper’s that popped up this year!

Autumn 2009 006

I wish I could include all of these beautiful bounties in soap!

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