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Unscented Facial Soap

Making soap becomes comfortable.  I always love the process, and I especially find joy in the moment when I release a new log of soap from the mold.  The danger of becoming too comfortable with our method is that we get careless with safety (a splash of lye – not so good), or we forget to add in an ingredient.  Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Sometimes, though, forgetfulness turns into a nice find.

In this case, I forgot to add in fragrance during the making of the soap.  In turn, what I got was a nice bar of goat milk soap that I love to use.

It is creamy, gentle, lathers nicely (thank you to kaolin clay), and has great emollient qualities (of course, it is goat milk soap)! The lack of fragrance isn’t a problem.  Sometimes it is nice to not add fragrance when cleansing, it gives your perfume or body cream a chance to stand out on its own afterwards.

Saying hello to Annie’s Unscented Facial Soap – or a great overall body soap!

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I recently received a remarkable and valued question:  Why does the product received not smell unscented even though it is labeled unscented?

If a product is marked unscented it contains no fragrance or essences that scent. 

Every ounce of my business, except for accounting, is done in my soap shop.  Paper products (including soap boxes and shipping materials) may pick up an aroma from my shop.  

It is virtually impossible for an unscented finished product from my shop to become embedded with scent.  The products themselves are kept separate from the day they are made (beginning with the scrupulously clean equipment and utensils).  There is no cross contact between products. 

The only way I can guarantee a customer that they will receive a shipment that never hints of fragrance is to make unscented soap in my house, store it on a curing rack in my house, place it in storage bins in my house, and ship/package the product using materials that were also stored in my house.  And that is simply not feasible. 

FYI…the client and I did determine that it was the packaging that the recipient was smelling, not the product itself.  A nose not exposed to fragrance is significantly sensitive to fragrance.    

I welcome your comments and feedback!

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