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Successfully mixing the daily schedule and responsibilities of a home-based entrepreneur with raising a family entails energy and precise organizational skills.  This weeks #HandmadeChat addressed how to blend parenthood with entrepreneurship and achieve positive results.

Here are some hi-lights from the discussion:


  • @bathbodyacademy Schedule tasks to be done during nap time. If there’s no plan, the time will slip away too easily.
  • @bathbodyacademy Work in ‘chunks’ -write 1 week’s blog posts in 1 sitting instead of many tasks that use different parts of your brain.


  • @bathbodyacademy: Satisfaction that I’m making difference in the world while setting an example for my kids, making money all at once!
  • @INDIEbusiness: Enjoying life, setting a good example for my kids. The fruits of combining passion and labor.

This was a helpful discussion for parent-preneurs, with insights into time management that were also valuable to those (such as myself) that do not have young children under-foot.  A full chat transcript is located here.

The facilitator of this chat was Alyssa Middleton, owner of Bath and Body Academy, where she offers entrepreneur coaching and consulting services, and products at Vintage Body Spa.

Thank you Alyssa! And hat’s off to the many work at home parents around the world!

Don’t forget to join us next week on the Indie Business #HandmadeChat on Thursday, 8pm EST.  I will be the co-host, leading a discussion on “Organizing Your Day For Maximum Productivity.”

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Office Work

Paperwork, accounting, and various other office work is a big part of doing business. 

My career in accounting and finance, for nearly 25 years, left me without a desire to sit at a desk and push papers and numbers.

Where I want to be is in the soap shop, in the barn, studying, reading a book, or enjoying quiet family or friend time. 

The paperwork mounts. 

It will not be long before I hire someone to help me do some of my hat wearing. 

Until then, the plan is to begin scheduling in time to successfully move the papers from the in-basket, to the out-basket, and into the filing cabinet (or shredder).

Making myself accountable is another thing.  This is where having no boss (except myself) requires a lot of seat-belting myself to the office chair.

Do you have a particular task, like paperwork, that you particularly dread? A task you are good at, way too good at, yet, you procrastinate?

I am aware, procrastination gets people nowhere.  It amounts to more work to do, and clutter.

My plan, as of today, is to begin scheduling in paperwork time.  I will not read email during my paperwork hour.  I will not shop for supplies.  I will not plan the next bar of soap.  During my scheduled time I will be wiping out paperwork.

To make myself accountable, I will report in here.

I will be telling you if my plan is successful.

Have a beautiful paper-less day!

By the way, the picture isn’t too shabby is it? I decided to operate the camera today without reading the manual.  I love to learn and then go back and read.  I admit to it!

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