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Office Work

Paperwork, accounting, and various other office work is a big part of doing business. 

My career in accounting and finance, for nearly 25 years, left me without a desire to sit at a desk and push papers and numbers.

Where I want to be is in the soap shop, in the barn, studying, reading a book, or enjoying quiet family or friend time. 

The paperwork mounts. 

It will not be long before I hire someone to help me do some of my hat wearing. 

Until then, the plan is to begin scheduling in time to successfully move the papers from the in-basket, to the out-basket, and into the filing cabinet (or shredder).

Making myself accountable is another thing.  This is where having no boss (except myself) requires a lot of seat-belting myself to the office chair.

Do you have a particular task, like paperwork, that you particularly dread? A task you are good at, way too good at, yet, you procrastinate?

I am aware, procrastination gets people nowhere.  It amounts to more work to do, and clutter.

My plan, as of today, is to begin scheduling in paperwork time.  I will not read email during my paperwork hour.  I will not shop for supplies.  I will not plan the next bar of soap.  During my scheduled time I will be wiping out paperwork.

To make myself accountable, I will report in here.

I will be telling you if my plan is successful.

Have a beautiful paper-less day!

By the way, the picture isn’t too shabby is it? I decided to operate the camera today without reading the manual.  I love to learn and then go back and read.  I admit to it!

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