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Wishing you a warm, safe and peaceful Thanksgiving, filled with good things!

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My Laughing Buddies...Nieces...During A Pouting Moment

I have a rather warped sense of humor.  When something tickles my funny bone there is no stopping my laughter.

Some of my best Thanksgiving memories are those spent at my father’s house, with my sister and nieces in attendance.

My father didn’t like the giggling…honestly, he was a grouch.  He actually was proud of being grouchy, which was funny on certain days.  I respected my father, but I had a good time with my family despite his grumpiness.

After a long day of visiting and shopping on Black Friday, my niece and I got the hysterics when we retrieved the leftover gravy from my father’s refrigerator.  It definitely had the appeal of brown gelatin.  I looked at her, she was watching me, and the laughter began.  Silly for hours.  Thanksgiving always brings up the discussion of the Jello gravy.

One Thanksgiving at my father’s house included Samson, a male boxer that had just entered our lives.  I believe he was 9 weeks old.  He snorted, played with every toy he could find, he had a grand time.  My sister said, “Mary, I think that dog needs some sinus medicine!” All of us were getting used to the boxer puppy.  Ahhh…boxer love began.  And he was part of the family too.

I’ll never forget the day when my husband, the silly nut, patted the wrong person on the tail end.  I have NO idea how he managed it.  But he got my step-mother instead of myself.  She was thrilled.  I was in hysterics.  She used to flirt with him something terrible, ha! I rather enjoyed seeing her delight, and snickered at my nutty man!

My family is now spread pretty far apart, we are in three states.

This holiday we are having dinner with our best friends.  And yes, we all have a sense of humor.  The stories I could tell…but they fall under the category “you would have had to been there.”

I am thankful for my fond memories, and I am sure there will be many more.  Laughter and love, nothing better in life.  I hope the same for you.

Blessings to you all!

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