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Breezy October Afternoon

Breezy October Afternoon

I feel thankful today, insightful, full of thoughts for the business, myself, and many thoughts of others.

I found this beautiful statement in a country magazine, words authored by Hillel the Elder.  The article says to Google Hillel, I haven’t yet

If I am not for myself,

Who Will Be?

If I am only for myself,

What am I?

Isn’t that a huge amount of wisdom, said in just a few words? I share my entire life with God.  I live by faith, so I am not by myself, nor am I looking out for only myself.

But…here is what the article goes on to say:  “If we don’t take care of ourselves; emotionally, spiritually, and physically – who will? As a matter of fact these are areas of our own personal growth, study, and practice; ares of our own responsibility.”

Absolutely!!!! How about you, do you agree with that statement?

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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