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Aleecia and Her New Buckling Enjoying Sunshine

I am a person that has an upbeat demeanor.

I try to be happy.  I try to be positive.  I try so very hard to not let anything in life beat me up.

But, February 2010, really did do a number on me.  Parts of March slid into that range as well.  It was a struggle, but I maintained!

The sunshine is now glorious.

The warmth is healing.

Determination pays off.  There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a dismal person that likes to share the wealth.  I avoid it at all costs.

Dismal is equal to a lack of sunshine.

We all owe it to each other, a sunny disposition that is.

Do you agree?

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Having Blogger problems. So, I decided (just for today) to leave the photos where they are and leave the writing where it is at! I am NOT going to fight it today.
I am not one that likes to complain about weather, nor do I like to make it a point of conversation everywhere that I go. I know it is hot for many of us, but somehow I just had to share. Photo taken in my truck on my way back up to the house from the evening feeding (20 minutes ago).
This is Ohio, pretty much north, and tomorrow is the first day of summer, so what gives with 93 degrees?
I love summer, dearly, dearly love it. I love heat. I do not like cold. I appreciate heat. Can I say that again so I will convince myself? I love heat.
We do not have central air. We cool the back of the house (where we lounge and where we sleep) with a large window unit. The front of the house (including the kitchen, this office, and 3 other rooms are not cooled). I have a ceiling fan in here with me. Ha. At night I love to hear the frogs and I love the fresh air. Seldom do I want the windows shut.
Yesterday I changed the ink in one of the printers. The page kept smearing afterwards. I began to think I had a bad ink cartridge. Hmmm…guess what the problem was? Humidity. The paper was bunching up. Uh huh…good clean crisp white paper taken right out of the ream. Crisp? NOT!!
I am summer gal, though. Give me 6 months of summer. I will take it. Just tell me the animals and world will not suffer from such a drastic change first.
Okay…next pic. Remember the tiny little rose plants I bought for 2.99 each? One is going to bloom! I have had beautiful roses in the past, not at this property. By the looks of this bud and the growth that I am seeing in all of the plants, I think I found a good spot for a rose display.
I did not put out a large garden this year. I need to rethink my kidding season timing next year because I need to work freezing and canning into my schedule. I miss those tasks. They give me peace a joy. As I sprinkled plant food amongst the beds today I saw 6 new green tomatoes. I need a big garden again. Did I ever tell you who taught me how to can? My husband. When we first married he converted a small “barn” in our yard, with loft to a summer kitchen for me. It was complete with a propane range, a small wall A/C unit, a table to work with, and storage for the canned goods. Nobody taught him how to can, he taught me out of memory from watching his mother when he was a child. Amazing.
I worked in the soap room for a while today. It is heated, cooled, very well insulated (put together better than this old house). And I am heading back out there for a bit later. Moved soaps down from the curing rack. Adding them to the website at some point this weekend. And Now I need to fill the empty curing rack spots with new soap! I sold all of my lotion this week. Lotion is something that I make without a lot of hassle, but that does not mean a thing. I need to eat, sleep, dream about lotion for one full day. Fill the warehouse as one of my good friends tell me. Then he turns right around and says in the next breath, “You need to rest.” When I ask him about his contradiction, he giggles and says, “Well, you know me.” Thank you!
Have any of you updated to Windows Explorer 8? And if the answer is yes, are you having any problems? It sure is messing with my use of Blogger! Sometimes I cannot leave comments. Sometimes I cannot see photos. And right now I cannot move photos within a non-published post. Arghhhh…computers, love them, don’t love them, cannot live without them! And all the same…I am praying for patience. Loads of patience.
Stay cool…and hope you are enjoying your weekend, filled with many blessings!

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The rain finally stopped!

Not only have we lost power three times this week, we have had enough rain to cause some of top soil on the slope to collect at the bottom, down at the barn. This morning it was like walking on ice, but actually worse.

The girls got to get exercise again today. They are fairly barn spoiled critters. They think they are not supposed to get their hooves wet.

The pond gets somewhat murky in the warm weather every year, but today it looked like the Mississippi River. Even the geese stayed on the banks.

Spring brings all sorts of weather here (as it does all of us). I love it when it is warm, and I love it when everything is green! I like an occasional rainy day, it feels “homey” to me somehow. But I sure feel chipper when the good old sun comes back out!

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Colors Of Spring

Today was a day to work in the office. I worked on placing supply orders, balanced books, and then I stepped outside to enjoy the day for a few minutes.

The colors of spring bring so much hope to the heart. I love the cool days, yet I love the hot sun. There is no better sleeping weather at night than when there is a cool breeze!
And, yes, there are dandelions everywhere. But truly, they are pretty! And they mean spring is back.

And yes, there are weeds that need mowed on the slope, but they also bring the beauty of spring with them.

How about those wonderful colors when the maples are first getting their new spring leaves?

And the different colors of green?

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Tyra and I spent a few moments outdoors a bit ago. The day promises to be another bright and sunny one, filled with warmth, and the promise that we can enjoy the outdoors again for a while, which renews me inside and out!
We have a number of older lilac bushes here, 5 perhaps. They received some freeze damage this spring, but they still smell wonderful, especially in the early morning cool!
Heading outside with a cup of coffee to enjoy the birds and solitude.
Tyra agrees…she says, “Lets stay out here for a while!”

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The spring flowers are pushing through the ground. The daffodils always amaze me how they barely appear one day and seem to grow 6″ the next.

I have been busy these past few days. In fact, I missed posting on Wednesday. I moved the last of the bottle kids to their new barn suite yesterday (except for one still in special care), and guess what happened? Twins were born early, and the mother had no colostrum. All of this occured within 2 hours. I thought the tiny babies were dead when I found them, but good news, they just needed some nutrition. The buckling’s front hooves are no larger than my thumbnail. They are quiet little house guests at the moment.

I hope to make it out to the shop this evening. I am itching to try an idea I have for a new soap. I will share pics as soon as the process starts!

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Spring Fever

It seems we all have spring fever! There is not a lot that we can do for this ailment, there are no special remedies to sooth our souls. We simply dream of what we will be doing when the thaw sets in. As many of us do, myself included, we make the best use of the time. In my case, I will work in the soap shop as much as possible, and I am working on the office. The brand new shredder is going to be worn out very quickly! 🙂

Yesterday I walked into my kitchen and caught a glimpse of my canning jars. These jars are at least 5 years old. To the left is a jar filled with dried dill weed. Do you know, I can walk past that jar and be caught by the scent of dill wafting through the air? I love it! To the right are tomatoes, yellow and red banana peppers, and finally a jar of jalapenos and other hot peppers. It has been a very long time since I canned! I miss it, and plan to work it back into my daily life this summer.

My plans for the summer are to move our yard shed. Put some siding on it to make it appear as a cabin of sorts. I am going to begin my cottage/whimsical garden, with a picked fence surrounding!Part of the garden will contain seasonal vegetables, part will be herbs for the soaps and cooking, and part will be zinnias and marigolds (easy to grow), and I hope to start a path of roses (I miss them terribly), along with some other perennial plants. This project will take years, and money, so I can be patient. It will be a fun work in progress! One of my favorite places, and I do not live nearby now, is Nashville, Indiana. I spent a great deal of time there, not so much spending money, but appreciating the gardens that surrounded the various shops. This picture is similar to the types of shops that I so much enjoyed.

My grandmother was quite the gardener. There was no better slaw maker in southeast Missouri! She used a hand held grater, such as the one displayed on a collection shelf in my kitchen. I love the red handle!
Do not look too closely, tee hee, I see cob webs! I think we have a lot to learn from our elders, and others. We can save a bundle of money for ourselves and be much happier people, just by putting a little effort into our lives to sustain some of our own nutritional needs.

Anyhow…how many votes are there for 80 degrees, sunshine on our backs, watching our vegetable gardens grow, and even canning and freezing to make us healthier and to save money? Put one in for me! Wait…perhaps I will cheat, put 2 or more in for me. 🙂

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