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Today I added a new blog category, Business Related Questions.

I receive a lot of questions via email, Twitter, Facebook, and even during the various programs that I do.

I love questions.  I enjoy helping others.  I will, and do, share with others what I have learned and experienced.

Because I am running a small business, however, I do not disclose proprietary information like recipes. 

Many of us in the cosmetic/soap/aromatherapy business have worked hard to develop our own personal recipes.  For example, I gear my soap towards mature skin.  I do not look for big healthy soap bubbles, instead I look for a silky smooth feeling that does not leave the skin feeling stripped or squeaky clean.  I do not want my customers to pine for skin re-hydration after using my products.  Time and effort went into that concept. 

As general advice, many years of research and learning goes into developing products.  I tell potential small business owners to research, research, and then research again.  Read books, a lot of them.  Research the internet.  Find and follow mentors.  Keep an open mind.  Prepare to make mistakes.  Prepare to work hard.  Prepare to wear many hats until your company can support help.

My goal for this blog is to talk about business, the farm and goats, and to throw personal tidbits in when I feel the passion to do so.  I hope the Business Related Questions become a productive and helpful addition.

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