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I am going to go against the popular grain here.

I recently shut off my smart phone.  I got tired of the problems with the phone that I had and didn’t want to pursue another.  The prospects (especially cost) of that upgrade simply were not appealing to me.

I own a netbook.  Whenever I am going to be away from home for very extended periods of time, especially when I know I have loose ends hanging via email, or on the website, I will pack the “mini laptop”  in its case.  It may take 20 minutes of my entire day to do a bit of business away from home.  At crucial times it is worth it.

I truly feel liberated from the smart phone.  My new phone doesn’t even have a camera on it.  Isn’t that a hoot?  I have a camera and a Flip video camera.  They are enough.   I took a step backwards in technology!

You can see the badges in my sidebar,  I have a Twitter and Facebook account (both personal and Annie’s Goat Hill.).  Those accounts are also used with limits.  I work social media into my daily schedule, perhaps a 1/2 hour or less in the morning, a short period of time after I eat lunch, and a few minutes in the evening.  I have met some wonderful people, customers, and other soap makers through social media.  I think social media has its place, and it can be effective and positive, with limits set.

Phones are getting fancier and more costly.  Can you imagine the money that is being made on smart phones these days? Always a new one, always a better one.  I agree, the applications for the phones are excellent.  And yes, they do help those that operate small and large businesses.  But when does it stop? And does it need to? Does a $699.00 phone repay for itself?

What are your thoughts regarding the smart phones, constant connection (an entirely different topic), and social media? In my own opinion, less is definitely more.  How do you feel about it?

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