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Hawaiian black lava salt sat on Annie’s Red Barn studio supply shelf for a while, actually since the time I took an aromatherapy course several years ago.  One of my class projects demonstrated how I created an aromatherapy product using different kinds of salts.  I used dead sea salt and a few others, but not the black lava salt.

So, it (the black lava salt) was another long-time-resident bottle winking at me (Remember the Lily of the Valley?), saying, “Use me!”

The black lava salt was actually edible, contained in a shaker bottle.  I am sensitive to salt, seldom use it.  So the idea light bulb grew brighter, why not take a bath in it?

What are the properties of black lava salt? Hmmm…it is loaded with minerals, it has great detoxifying properties, and supposedly, it is used in spa products.

So, to my soaking tub I headed.  One bottle of black lava salt (4.5 ounces).  One vial of Annie’s handmade natural perfume #4 (patchouli, vanilla, geranium, cedarwood, and grapefruit).  Aromatherapy spa session here we come!

Imagine the tune, “Oh black water…Keep on rolling…Build me a raft and she’s ready for floating.”

I had some black water!  But it smelled good.  And I got into it.  And I felt good.  And I still feel good.

But let me tell you what I was left with, you know those chewable tablets a dentist gives to a child after they brush their teeth in the office? The tablets leave color where the child missed with the toothbrush.  My black water left color.  If you ever want to see how much soap scum is really clinging to your tub, just fill your bathtub with black water and then let it drain out.  Uh-huh…there it is!

Do I recommend a black lava salt soak? Perhaps it isn’t so practical.  Did it do what I thought it was going to do? Yes! A detox bath with wonderful essences.

(Thank you to the Doobie Brothers, Black Water, 1974 ).

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