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Honey Oatmeal and Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap

Today, as I cut two batches of fresh soap, I thought about my shop, the past year, and how I plan to grow (in both a personal and business sense) in 2010.

Like loaves of soap, formed from an idea, cut into bars, ready to be placed on the curing rack until ready for use, my mind is carving out my future endeavors, deciding how to solidify my dreams. 

Have you put together solid plans for 2010? Or, like me, have you made sure most plans are in order, ready for accomplishment (written and measurable), with a few ideas still dangling? Perhaps you know what you want to do, but you are not sure when or how it is going to happen.

I treasure the idea of making things happen. 

I see good things evolving.  Many are reaching out to better themselves.  Many are taking classes, planning businesses, re-thinking budgets, arriving at a calmer place in life.  Some of these self-improvements were forced on by the economy, but evolved into wonderful opportunities for the future. 

How many times have you said, “I’ve always wanted to do that!” Think about it…what have you always wanted to do? What is holding you back?

I am going to do what I have dreamed of doing.  And the only way to do it is to take the first steps, then keep moving.

How about you?

May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future.  Author Unknown

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It is Tuesday, day #2 of working in the office. This involves coffee, lots of water, soda, and a clear head! Need I say more? Actually, the honest truth is that I am enjoying this time. It has been a blessing to be able to begin sprucing up for 2009!

Today I worked on the website. My personal and business goals for 2009 are numerous. All of the goals have set deadlines, and all are on paper, meaning, they will get done. Goals with ASAP deadlines are getting my attention this week. One goal was to write a statement/promise for my friends and customers. Today I placed the statement on my website’s index page. With this statement, you cannot get much closer to my heart, my business goals, my desires, and what I want to accomplish in life. Yes, I want to sell soap, but I am also just as equally dedicated to helping others, whether that be through learning, listening, teaching, helping with animals, whatever I can do, I intend to do my best. If I do not have an answer, then I hope to help find one.

I am also planning an “ugly” soap sale. If you have any thoughts or requests for this sale, drop me a comment or email. The sale will include soap that I do not want to sell as full-sized bars (minimal 4 ounces). The soap will be of good quality, and with each type of soap sold, I will include a short description as to why it is being sold at a discount. All of my soaps are tested by myself, friends, and family.

I am working on a website testimonials page. Thank you for the great comments received! The soap is not being made for me, it is being made for people that I care about! The testimonials page is a tribute to you.

I am working on a series of bath and body product ingredient articles. My next ingredient article will be palm oil. I love to use palm oil in my soaps. I will admit that one of my goals, and not in the far future, is to determine where to buy palm oil that is gathered from palm trees that are harvested in a manner that does not deplete the great rain forests, therefore, does not put any part of the environment at risk. If you have any links that I can study to prepare for the palm oil article, I truly appreciate your input!

Thank you for your comments, links, laughs, ideas, and friendship. I think we are living in wonderful times!

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