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Lucy The Boer Goat

No, there are no kid goats on the ground.  But they are definitely growing from the looks of the does. 

Lucy (in the picture above) is my smallest boer goat.  She always has one nice sized kid.  We love Lucy.  She is a dandy, a sweet girl.  A little odd she is, with long hair that drapes from her hind legs.  From the looks of her right side, she has a nice sized kid blossoming again this year.

For those of you unfamiliar with goats.  A doe shows pregnancy in her right side, the left is the rumen.  Notice the difference between the left and right side of the doe in the photo below.

Peep - Boer Doe

Some of the girls are very much wide loads.  I will attempt good pictures later this week.  Each year I think, “They did not look that wide and heavy last year!” Annie, Valentine, Oreo and Sunday all look as if they could drop triplets tomorrow.  I do not expect kids until at least March.  I could be wrong.  We had planned a very small kidding season, but the buck made the decision for us.  He paid more than one romantic visit.  He made his rounds. 

Last but not least, I have another breed of animal that is pudging out (not due to pregnancy in this case), Henrietta (the largest pig), and her un-named sister.  I estimate Henrietta’s weight at 80 lbs.  I still know very little about pigs, but I know this pair have grown very well, very quickly.

Fast Growing Piglets...Henrietta to the Left

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 AA035400 photosearch.com piglet

With an oink, oink here…and an oink, oink there…Old MacDonald had a farm…E…I…E…I…O!

My husband took me out to the pig farm today.  I selected two female piglets.  The male piglet is coming from another farm.  It is not good to breed brothers and sisters in the pig world.

Pigs are affectionate?! Pigs are smart.  I saw it, or else I would have never believed it.

Mr. Red, the duroc sire, is a big boar.  When the wife called him out of the barn, Mr. Red stuck only his nose and ears out.   But that was enough for my first glimpse.  To self I said, “I thought pigs were smaller than that! That boy is huge!” Once the wife started to pet some of the other pigs, Mr. Red emerged.  He wanted attention too.

Ms. Raindrops, the hampshire mother, is a large off-white haired sow.  She, like the sire, loves attention. 

The piglets are 6-8 weeks old.  They have recently been weaned.  I will pick them up in about a week.

Now…and my friends, you need to help me here…I am NOT going to keep any of the piglets that are born in the future.  They are going to be sold.  I am not going into a full-scale pig business.  If I keep one, it will go to the freezer.

I promise!

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