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Patchouli Lavender Goat Milk Soap

I am excited to announce that I have new soaps lined up for Product Monday posts, starting with Patchouli Lavender.

Who would have thought? Such an interesting combination, patchouli and lavender essential oil.

The patchouli really stands out.  It should, patchouli is considered a “base note,” because it is long-lasting.  It is often used as a fixative in perfume formulas.

Lavender is a “middle note,” meaning, it doesn’t have the ability to hold its scent as well as a base essence.  The lavender is definitely there in this bar, it catches the nose first.

This batch of soap cured nearly white, which is next-to-impossible with goat milk soap.  While making soap, the sodium hydroxide (lye) and milk combination has to be held to a low temperature for a very long time in order to create a nearly white milk soap.  It is never a speedy process! By the way, this is why I describe soap color in my soap store as a range (white to off-white, etc…) because natural soap, especially milk soaps, are rarely the exact same color twice. 

Patchouli lavender goat milk soap is now available online in my goat milk soap store.  And I need to make more! This one is going fast!

Enjoy your day, and your soap!

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