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I heard it come from my husband’s mouth, talking to the 2 1/2 week old bottle fed kitten, “You are going to have to be declawed if you stay in the house much longer.” 

I thought I was a softie.  Goodness, it isn’t just me.  It looks like we will be adopting the orphaned kitten.

The boxer dogs have always been terrible with cats.  I have no idea why they are being good with this kitten.  Perhaps it was all of the training they have had with newborn goat kids? Newborn goat kids are perfect matches for the dogs.  They hover over the kids with a great deal of interest and care. 

Are you an animal softie too?

I ask you, how can anyone mistreat an animal? Like a child, don’t abuse.  They do not deserve mis-treatment. They depend upon us for so much.

As soon as we get a good photo, I’ll share one here.  The little one is just now beginning to act like a kitten should.  It was touch and go.  I do, though, keep catching her in my husband’s shoes (like the kitten in the photo).  Cute.

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