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Goat Coat

The Caped Crusader

I apologize for the poor quality of the pic.  My phone was the only camera available at the moment.  And goat kids most certainly do not stay still long, hence the clothes basket!

This little tyke is nic-named The Caped Crusader.  He was born from a set of triplets.  At birth he weighed in at just barely 2 pounds.  A newborn boer goat buckling (young male goat) normally enters the world between 7 and 9 pounds. 

The Caped Crusader’s life was touch and go for a day or so.  I am able to say he is now happy and gaining activity as each day passes.

He won the Annie’s Goat Hill honors of wearing a goat coat. 

I cut goat coats from sleeves of women’s sweatshirts.  The wrist bands are perfect for a small goat’s neck.  The coat is slit down the middle, and slits are cut from the sides to make “arm holes.”  They are great for the tiniest of kids that chill easily.

If you do make a goat (or lamb) coat, make sure the animal can breathe well, and that they cannot snag themselves in anything dangerous by the fabric.  If the neck is too taught, stretch it with your hands before you put it on the kid. 

The coats are washable.  They do not fray around the edges.  Wash and dry.  Simple.

I would imagine these coats would also work well for a small dog.  Or a larger one if you used a man-sized sweatshirt.

Do you like it?

Our Cape Crusader does!


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