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As a small business owner I find great joy in the various daily contacts that I make.

Many years ago I thought networking meant selling.  It does not mean that at all! To network, you are communicating via a common thread.

The stone wall no longer holds anyone in.  Networking can come from a blog post or comment, a tweet on Twitter, a post on Facebook, an email, or an actual conversation with a business owner, a banker, or it can be as simple as conversing with a person while standing in line at the post-office. 

Owning an internet-based company in the country could be lonely.  But it is not.  I so much appreciate the contact.  The contacts come with an added benefit, learning.  Listen to your friends, your casual contacts, your customers.  Really listen.  We live in a fascinating world, a world full of brand-new knowledge, just waiting to be gained.

Who would ever think work could be so enjoyable?

My hope for everyone: work towards doing something you enjoy, and enjoy working it once you get there!

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