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I found a few edibles on the farm nature walk today.  The wild blackberries are everywhere, however, they are small.  The larger berries are 3 or 4 feet back, into thicker parts of the woods.  I don’t dare get off the beaten path.  I like nature, I do not like slithery crawling things.  But then…blackberry jam would be awfully good.

Apple Tree

Apple Tree

I found a huge apple tree.  Being that the apples are small, I thought it might be a crab apple tree.  But the apples are not tiny and round.  It will be interesting to see what develops through late summer and fall, or earlier, if the apples are a golden delicious type.  I apologize for the poor photo!

Lazy Susan

This week, Lazy Susan wildflowers are blooming.  They are mixing in with the Oxetail Daisy.  Very pretty!

The Park

We call this area our park.  It is about 10 degrees cooler in the shade.  You believe that, right? It is true!  There are no people, no animals, nothing but nature in our “park.”  Yes, we mow it, and hope to put a few benches in place someday.

The Path

Another cool spot down a path (on the way to The Park).  Really, it is a lot cooler in the shade of the thick trees.  I love the old twisted trunk in this photo.

So, there are my finds from this week’s restorative nature walk.  I hope to find more herbs and medicinal plants on future walks.

Glad you joined me!

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