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lemon thyme - herbs

I have been dreaming.

Dreaming of spring and an herb garden.

Herbs are so versatile.  They are nice in soap, infusions, and for cooking.  They even smell lovely in the home, hanging to dry, not to forget the beauty of the herb itself.

I normally plant herbs in containers.  My favorite herb planters are old wash tubs. 

This year I will plant an herb garden in raised beds.  Plans are to begin a garden that I can walk through and enjoy.

What I truly can imagine is a stroll along a flagstone path, with herbs growing where the feet brush, with the aroma wafting up as I pass. 

Yes, that would be the spot. 

How about a quiet place to sit, read, medidate, pray, or just to relax in general?

Want to join me? How about right now?

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