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Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps is not folding, we are moving to flat land.

The red barn, pictured above, will be the new soap shop.  I have a wonderful large room to work from now.  The new shop will more than double that space.  Windows will be added, as well as a floor (likely concrete) for the front porch.  I turn pretty much everything into a county look.  This will be no exception.

The land includes no slopes, no pond, and some lovely paths to walk in the woods.  Abundant pasture for the goats is something I am truly excited about.  I cannot wait to see the herd stretching out. 

Bear with me as we go through this major change.  The shop will be completed first, to ensure there are no breaks in business.  We need to place a home and a barn as well.  It will be a big job, but one I have a lot of patience for.  It has been needed for quite some time!

I look forward to writing to you from under my porch roof, in between soap making.  Listening to the wind, the birds, and other beautiful gifts from nature as they pass by.

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