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Kitten Little, Psycho as my husband calls her, reminds me to think about human life from time to time.

She is curious, alive, frisky, with something to learn from the world.  Yet, when it is time to rest, she renews her soul and body cells with the slumber that is needed.

We were probably designed to be the same way.  We should remain curious, like a youngster, eager to learn new things, nearly always ready to look at our world, the gift of life, with a fresh set of eyes.

Then, when it is time to rest, we should enable our minds to shut it all off, and truly slip away with little effort. 

Thank you, Kitten Little, for your company, your subtle reminders.  We have a lot to learn from you and others like you!

-Kitten Little is 9 weeks old.  She hasn’t had a bottle since her 5th week in life.  She had her 2nd vet visit today, came out with flying colors.  Now she is resting, recovering from a busy morning traveling in the pet carrier (meowing her pleas to be let out), and forgetting about her unpleasant shots.-

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