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Have you reached a point in your life where you realize how much you appreciate the small things?

We all have days when nothing seems to feel right.  How about the times when the normal feels mundane? Then there are the days when the ordinary comes with newness. 

One  morning I was distributing hay.  The morning was routine.  I always watch for behaviour, to ensure each goat is well, but I am sure there are times when I stop noticing much of their common actions.  That particular morning I heard their hooves as they approached.   I heard an excited rumble of hoofbeats.  I was filled with gratefulness.  Such a small thing, the sound of hooves, but such a joyous thing to be able to notice and enjoy.

As we fall into the day-in and day-out patterns of our lives, I hope each of us notices something small to enrich the time we have here.  The smallest of things can be a blessing.

Promise me, please.  Enjoy!

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