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Sometimes people subtly remind us that humor really is monumental. 

One morning everything seemed difficult.  The challenges were back to back, unusual.  You know the feeling.  One step forward, ten back.

The phone rang.

My 62-year old friend, Bob, exclaims “I lost my trash can!”


You have to know this guy.

I instantly began laughing.  He really has done well with his first-time computer.

I asked, “Bob, how did you delete your recycle bin?”

He replied, “If anyone can do it, the moron can!”

Oh my word.  He made my day.

I could not help him at that moment.  Later, I went to my own PC to work on a solution.  I then left a detailed voicemail for Bob while he was taking his mother on her weekly grocery shopping venture. 

That evening he called.

“I found my trash can!” he said.  Readers, buckle your funny bone seat belt for Bob’s next statement, “Your message really did help, but I ended up going somewhere else for the trash can.  I went to the Google department!”

Oh yes, the Google department, I shop there all of the time.  Don’t you?

Okay, Mr. Bob, what did you find at the Google department? He said, “Do you know how many different types of trash cans the Google department has?”


I can barely type this post.  Hilarious.  Such perfect humor.  And what is even more funny, I think he was serious.

The good news is, my friend does again have a recycle bin back on his desktop.  I doubt that he completely deleted it to begin with.  I have no idea what the “Google department” is, and I am not sure they have “trash cans.”  But, okay.

We have humor! And that is pure gold!

Have a blessed day!

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