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In my post yesterday I walked around the farm and took pictures of fall growth, including our apples.  I said something about putting the diet aside and making a pie.  My good friend Debbie asked, “Can I come and pick all the apples off your tree? I’ll make you a pie :)” Oh yeah, bless her heart! I had a wonderful giggle, it was a beautiful thought.  The pie was already cooling.
Preparing Apple Mixture For Pie
Preparing Apple Mixture For Pie

 Aren’t these pretty? Pretty and already smelling luscious!

This is what went into the apple pie filling:

6 to 7 medium tart applies (peeled, cored, and sliced)

3/4 C sugar

2 T flour

1 t cinnamon

1/2 t butter or margarine

1 to 2 T lemon juice

Mix all ingredients well. 

Set aside.

Healthier Pie Crust (one crust):

1  1/2 C flour

1/2 t salt

1  1/2 t sugar

1 T milk

1 T white vinegar

1/2 C canola oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. 

Mixture will be thick.

Press ingredients into a 9 inch pie pan.

Pour or spoon in pie filling.

I baked at 400 degrees, 60 minutes (for the apple pie recipe above).  Baking time will vary depending upon apple variety.  Bake until the apples are tender.

My exceptions:

The pie crust mixture is thick.  I try to crumble it evenly around the pie pan before I press it down.

This recipe will not make the type of pie crust that can be rolled out.  To make a top crust, sprinkle crumbles evenly to coat the top of filling and press down as well as possible. 

You can ue 2 T of milk in the crust recipe (and drop the vinegar), but I find vinegar makes for a lighter, flakieer crust.  You cannot taste the vinegar in the finished product.

The pie does brown evenly, and it cuts as well as a normal pie (with a standard rolled out crust), once cooled.  It tastes wonderful! I cannot tell the difference at all! Crust will always have more fat in it than we would like, but forget the shortening or lard! And besides…it ain’t too sinful to have a (healthier) indulgence now and then…is it?


Healthier Apple Pie

Healthier Apple Pie

 I love to cook! I just cannot find the time to do everything I love to do! How about you?




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There is a story behind this nearly forgotten statement. Last night I told Bob that I would bake oatmeal cookies for him in exchange for making a light box. As he was making the box, I looked at my calendar, my notes, and I looked throughout the house for something that I just knew I was forgetting. Uh huh…LOL…have you guessed by now? I forgot to make the cookies! He kept it under his hat until nearly bedtime. When I saw the silly grin on his face I asked him what he was up to, he said, “Hmmm…I think I recall a 7 letter word that has something to do with building a light box.” Ha ha ha…it only took a moment, I figured out oatmeal…outmeal cookies!

When we got married, I also happily married this (greater than) 25 year old Kitchen Aid mixer. I love that baby!

The top photo shows some of my cookbooks. I love the tried and true books. My grandmother and aunt are in many of the church and small Missouri town books that I have on my shelf (about 15 of these types of books). I do not cook as often as I would like. I LOVE to cook! I need so much more time in my life. As it is, I cook when I can work it in. It makes me sad, but I have to pick and choose. Speaking of pick, I also have a picky husband. So, there isn’t a lot of variety, but I sneak things in now and then!

Cookies ready to hit the oven…

Honey…you’re home. Martha Stewart would be proud. Warm cookies and milk! And of course, we always drink from a jelly jar. Nothing else is presentable, and nothing else makes milk taste so good! And if you are wondering, I drink the goat milk, he goes for cow (unless I include goat milk in a recipe).

Finally…quit your belly aching! Love you, dear.

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