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Solid Natural Perfume and Beautiful Wash Cloths via Niece's Knitting

I have always been interested in aroma.

Natural aroma holds several qualities that I adore, such as: memory (remembrance of special times and places), relaxation, grounding, and even uplifting properties.

Today I prepared a spicy rose and geranium blend solid perfume for a friend’s 74th birthday. I thought she might enjoy keeping the compact near her, even if all she does is open it now and then.

I made a special blend for myself of oakmoss, lavender and frankincense. I cannot describe the herbaceous scent any better than mossy and relaxing. I will tweak it slightly and add it to my online soap store within the next two weeks.

My natural perfumes will be available in solid, sprays, and dab on (rich) perfumes. The solid blends will be available first. I am allowing the latter two of the three to age, to allow the natural oils to “marry.”

Lesson learned: I made a perfume 8 weeks ago, on a whim, late one evening. If I find the recipe that I wrote down I will be elated. It is a great blend. I am down to a few drops and will likely not be able to repeat it!

I can barely wait to explore more blends and finally offer them for others to enjoy!

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