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Orange Mint Goat Milk Soap

Orange Mint Goat Milk Soap

My soap has to meet many standards.  These are my personal preferences:

  1. Mildness – The soap must not irritate the skin.  Each new recipe is people tested.  Other than washing with the soap, it is tongue tested.  Touch a sliver of the soap to the tip of the tongue. Even the slightest zap means the soap is not mild.
  2. Hardness – I do not like super hard soaps because they seem to lack in other necessary qualities, however, I do not accept a soft bar of soap either. I expect a bar of soap to last more than a handful of rounds in the shower!
  3. Scent – First, I follow the safety guidelines that are established (by the IFRA, International Fragrance Association).  Secondly, human comfort is priority.  Do I want skin irritation caused by the dumping of excessive fragrance in a product?  No.  On the other hand, I want the product to correctly reflect the description that is depicted.
  4. Color – I lean towards natural color, provided by essential oils, herbs, and clays.  I use colorants when necessary, with safety in mind.  Color varies when creating natural products.
  5. Lather – I expect lather, but not tons of bubbles.  Loads of bubbles tend to dry the skin out.  I want a smooth lather, with a slick glycerin glide that leaves the skin feeling silky.
  6. Milk – I handle the milk with care from collection to the time it is used in a product.  I taste test all of the milk before it goes into products.  The milk must fit into the nearly-organic category.
  7. Size – A full-sized bar must meet a weight average (at the 4th and 6th week) of 4.2-4.5 ounces.  Some soaps will continue to shrink as they lose moisture and harden, but they must remain within the correct weight range.
  8. Ingredients – I purchase from reliable suppliers that are quality, safety, non-animal cruelty, and regulation minded.  All ingredients are stored in proper conditions, kept fresh in my shop.

If a soap does not fit into my quality standards, it goes to the discount section of my online store.  I then clearly state why the soap is discounted. 

If  a batch of soap is not good enough for the store, it goes to the trash can, myself, willing friends, or someone in need.

That wraps it up for now…now you know my picky side.  I don’t just make soap, I make soap that reflects my brand!

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