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Each season the decision is made when to stop milking the goats.  My business depends upon fresh goat milk, a very obvious fact.

I could purchase milk at the grocery, or in cans, or in the powdered form.  But our products contain our milk, produced from our goats, milked by me.  That is who we are! I know what goes into the goat’s mouth, therefore, I know what does not end up in the milk.  Nothing else will do.

So, to give the “girls” (does) that are “in milk” (currently being milked) a break before they “freshen” (give birth), I make the seasonal decision to remove them from the milk stand.  The decision involves looking at the calendar and the freezer contents for a count, and sometimes even a second look.  I will admit, there are moments that some would consider nail-biting.  Cutting the cord to fresh milk, take a deep breath!

Happily, both freezers are spilling over with frozen goat milk.  We can take a rest now girls.  I love you.

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