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A healthy body does help maintain a healthy mind. 

Ask a runner the question, “When do you feel at your worst?”  They generally reply that they feel sluggish and downcast after skipping their exercise routine.

I have not felt 100% since mid-winter.  I (try to) blame it on February 2010 – snow storms, no outdoor activity, and a lot of dreary weather.  There wasn’t much to be done except eat and look forward to spring.  Now that spring is here, and nearly summer, I have extra pounds around my middle, and I am out of excuses.  Even though I will not turn this blog into my personal fitness journal, I will be checking in now and then to talk about my trek towards a sharper mind and body.  

If you are like me, perhaps you do not like the couch or armchair very much.  Perhaps you do not like to park your tush at the television either.  You might be active, as I am, but you do not engage in deliberate exercise.   That is where I am at, always active, but have never been athletic.

My initial plans are to dust off the exercise bike and the weights, all done in “baby steps.”  I am a strong believer that too much pain leads to too much discouragement.

Cutting out seconds at the dinner table normally does the trick for me.  And watching the fat content as well.   And, there will not be any purchases of trigger foods for a while.  Do you have a trigger food, one that you simple cannot stay out of if you know it is in the house? My problem food is cheese.  I love it all too much! Me and cheese have a love affair going on!

How about you? What do you do to maintain a healthy body?

P.S.  I do not believe woman need to be a size 2 to be beautiful or healthy.  We can be healthy, feel healthy, live healthy, and be happy, while enjoying the bounties of life.

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