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Have you ever wondered why a death seems to bring the worst out in a family?

I have, and I am.

This is what I have witnessed the past few days as each of my husband’s siblings were briefly called to be told about their mother’s death:

  • Sibling 1 tells lies about sibling 2 (twisting  a conversation way beyond sensibility)
  • Sibling 3 whines and says he has no time or money
  • Sibling 4 changes the subject and discusses a family incident that never happened
  • Sibling 5 …

I’ll stop there.


I have no answers.   And I really want to stay out of the thick of it all.  I have no intentions of hurting feelings.  I love to see families that are close, with unbreakable bonds, but they are often not the norm.  Mine isn’t, his isn’t.  We do our best.

Prayer has been my steadfast. I choose to stand beside my husband.  If you ask me what his best quality is, I will tell you without hesitation, “Honesty.” We agreed a long time ago to be open and tell it like it is, or to be silent when needed.  There are no motives except to live life peacefully.  Honesty and integrity is the best policy.  Life has enough challenges without creating more of your own.

Sometimes when people are under stress it is best to take the quiet path.  In my case, it involves a lot of overlooking and stamina.

I am not proud.  I simply have a lot in my life that needs my energy.

This will also pass.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Why do you think families turn against each other at the worst of times? Perhaps they do not know how to deal with each other to begin with, especially when faced with something so monumental?

Have a beautiful weekend!

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