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Did I hear someone say bargain? Yes!

The “discount section” in our soap store had been empty for a few months.

We got busy this week gathering the 2nds, the oddballs, the oopsies, the not-so-pretty…and now…the special beauties have been presented the honor of the bargain stand.

With fall and winter soaps on the way, more bargains will arrive…enjoy!

Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps – Smell and Feel The Goodness!

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goat milk soap

Just a little reminder…

To ensure delivery by Christmas, the cut-off date for Parcel Post (USPS)  is 12/14/09.  The cut-off date for Priority Mail  is 12/21/09.  I normally ship Priority Mail.  In most cases it is cheaper than Parcel Post.

In my own shipping department, orders must be received no later than 12/19/09 to ensure delivery by Christmas. 

Reminder:  my Christmas Discount, 20% on all in-store product purchases, will remain in effect through 12/19/09.  The 20% is refunded electronically within 24 hours of receipt of order.  An email is sent when the refund is processed advising of the discount amount and the ship date.

As always, I do accept checks as well, if you wish to place a “manual” order, you may email me at anniesgoathill@gmail.com  . 

For gift giving, I also drop ship to the address you specify, and add a Christmas tag with a hand-written message (of your choice).

Merry Christmas!

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