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My alone time with the goats normally comes to light in the early morning hours as I am milking one of them.  The barn, where the milk room is located, is normally quiet and abandoned as most of the herd is outside grazing or rummaging through the hay I just placed in their feeders.

This morning as I enjoyed a peaceful moment with one of the milkers my thoughts turned to the goat.

She isn’t the prettiest goat in the world.  She looks rather thin.  She is very healthy.  Her scraggly winter coat has been shed.  What is left is her glossy “summer-do.”  She comes to the milk room to do a job for me.  She puts every ounce of her body into her milk.  She puts on no airs.  She does her job well.  She provides the amount of quality milk that no other doe provides.  She does not complain.  She requires no special care.

Isn’t that how we (as humans) should be? We produce without complaints because we are given the daily opportunity to do so? We do not need to be beautiful, because we are a special and unique begin to begin with.  If we do what is needed, consistently, we will provide for ourselves (and others) so much more than what is needed…calmly, on a daily basis.

Why rush? Why hurry? Why try to be someone we are not? We simply put our best foot forward and give in to what does come naturally, and happily.

Thank you to the not-so-pretty, un-named goat.  You not only provide beautiful milk for our lotions and soaps, you provide a lesson in life.

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