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The dairy does are gradually returning to “in milk” status, meaning they have “freshened” (given birth) and are producing milk once again.

As I mentioned here, I am doing a trial run this year. I am leaving the kids on their dams and milking them as well. It has been interesting so far.

First, I am dealing with 3 new milkers. I did not prepare them for the . They simply have not been handled much, not like their mothers were. My back and legs are paying for it. But, the girls are slowly realizing that their stepping up to the milk stand results in a nice portion of grain.

Normally my milking process is smooth as silk: check the udder health, clean the teats, put the inflations on, and then stand back as the doe is milked out by the machine (being careful to not totally strip every drop out, mastitis prevention). With the new arrangement my first step is to bounce and feel the udder to determine which side(s) the kids are nursing on. Then I carefully milk out the other side. Basically, I even the udder up. I do not want to steal nourishment from kids. At the same time, if I do not milk properly, not enough, nature and hormones will take over, and a pattern of less milk produced will be set for the remainder of the does current milking season. These are some of my recent challenges. There are others that will become additional blog posts.

I have 8 girls in milk now, with possibly 6 more to go (3 of which are also new). My work is cut out for me. I am tired, slightly overwhelmed from time to time, but as my husband said (regarding both the goat and soap business), “You are doing what you asked for. You are feeling growth pains.” And this will pass.

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