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Ahhh…a relaxing quiet day on the farm.

Until…the dog develops one million fleas and is up crying and scratching all night.

Until…the milk machine develops an issue and causes black outs in the barn.  The disco lighting effect was interesting…but not so when you need to milk goats.

Until…mother barn cat decides to no longer take care of her 2 week old kittens.  My first words were, “I am not bottle feeding.”  We shall see.

Until…the repairman decides to show up early, and the self-employed husband has been called to the city nearly 2 hours away.

Until…the overnight storms flatten half of the (already) small rose garden.

Until…a small mudslide means you tromp through 3″ deep mud just to get to a fresh water source for the goats and pigs. 

Until…the pigs decide to turn over any water trough you enclose in the pen, amounting to the farmer wading through muck just to set things back in place.

Until…Mr. Yellow Tom decides he wants to hang out at the house, not cool for a  barn cat that lives on the same property as boxer dogs.  And not so cool for me, the short person that is trying to get the boxers to do their “business” while there is a strange man in her kitchen working on her dishwasher.

I’ll stop right here…it has been a truly challenging day.  

I hear the echos of so many that have said to me, “I want to live your life.”

Yes, you can mark my words, I wouldn’t trade this for a return to the city.  But glamorous it is not.  Peaceful…only on certain days.  But we’ll work on tomorrow and forget about today. 

The life I chose and love.  Yes.  

If you tell me you are trading your city life for one in the country.  I’ll still say, “Go for it!”

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After traveling on a number of congested roads today I silently reminded myself that I do not miss big town or city life.

My father was in the Army. We traveled a lot. We always lived in a town somewhere, sometimes on a busy military base. Later in life when I finally reached my dream of moving out of town I was incredibly happy. I still am.

This isn’t an easy life. It can involve dirty work. And the work does not take vacations. I can even say I have bitten off more than I can chew from time to time.

It truly is a choice though.

Is there anything you want to change, or have already put behind you, that you can say “I do not miss” to? Do you agree, the world really can bud out, and blossom, when we allow it to?

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