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Today I decided to not publish my regular product Monday post.  Instead, I am going to talk about losing the mojo, gumption, drive, and then regaining it.

For 44 years I have been all about soap, fragrance, and natural skin care products.  Never have I been disinterested.

Recently I couldn’t find the desire to work in my shop.  Granted, I have a lot of kids on the ground.  I have been tired.  I am pushed for time.  Sleep and finding time to take care of myself was a struggle. 

But the tiny bursts of time I did have to do my craft, work on the business, were not filled with a desire to do it.

Today, as I prepped for a speech I am doing tonight, as I filled a basket full of sample soaps for the business-women in the audience, I thought of a soap that I wanted to make.  The desire was immense.  I made a batch of Rose Cedarwood goat milk soap.  It smelled terrific to me, and it felt good to be creative.

What I realized is, sometimes when we are tired, when we feel backed into a corner, when we feel we have lost sight of our goals in life, what it takes is a bit of quiet time, a short break, and the “go-juice” returns with newness on its wings.

Thank goodness!

I do have plans to add new products to Annie’s Goat Hill Handcrafted Soaps.  I also have plans for a more natural life in my own household.  I will explain all of that in a blog post later this week.

Until then, enjoy your life! Don’t beat yourself up when you feel you hit a dead-end road.  Creativity will come back.

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Welcome to my corner of the office.

I am feeling better today. But somehow I woke at 2:30 a.m., and have not been asleep since. My face is beginning to lose the Frankenstein monster look. My vision is slightly out of sorts, ibuprofen does that to me after a few days of regular doses. So, the hubby took me to the grocery this morning. That felt rather silly, but oh well, things will improve, and I was grateful. Again, I am writing from the phone, waiting for the start of today's headache to slip away.

The remainder of today (and during some of my own quiet wee hours) included planning a new business. Bob has been unemployed for well over a year. So, we are putting our creative juices into action to put him back to work. I can dig it. I love business planning. I am of the type that likes to learn as much as possible so I can act as a resource when needed, and when I can be creative it really sparks me.

We will find a way to beat this economy…I am determined! One thing I seldom do is lose confidence in the silver lining, there always is one. Prayer is amazing. And I strongly believe things happen for a reason, ears and eyes open!

Have you had to be creative with work as well?

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