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As I look at the stack of soap-making books that I am determined to scramble my way through, random thoughts form.

Our nose guides us through a lot of things in life – emotions, trouble, pleasure, and even memories.

Speaking of pleasure and the nose, can you imagine walking into a library without being able to smell the mustiness of old books and paper? Imagine walking through the libarary doors only to be enveloped with the smell of electronic books and devices.

Imagine no more books.  What a sad day that would be.

Perhaps that thought seems worthless…not to me.

The internet is a spectactular thing, even now, even after multiple decades of its existance.  But it does not replace a good old-fashioned book.

You can read a book, research a project, relax, study, without any interruptions, without recharging a battery.  You can drop the book when you fall asleep.  You can pick it back up later without marking your spot electronically.  And within that particular book, there (usually) is no conflicting information.

Like a good bar of old fashioned soap…books needs to stay, good old-fashioned books.

Ramble thoughts are written now.

What do you think, are books going to evaporate? Will museum rooms be created just for future generations to marvel at books?

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