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What a difference a day can make in weather.  From 80 degrees, and rather humid, to 50 degrees and very windy.  It is a hold onto your hat type of day! The goats seem to love it though.

That is Snowball peering around the tree truck.  She is a snubian (saanan/nubian mix).  I have several full-grown snubians, and some up and coming future milkers as well.  When they are more than one generation away from the initial breeding they tend to go from solid white to a light tan/peach color, and their ears are longer as well.  This breed mix tends to grow fast and they are always gentle.  They are also great on the milkstand.

As I tried to take a few more pictures this morning, Sarah, our friendly boer goat showed up, and apparently the kids behind her were into some antics.  They are up and about, happily bouncing everywhere this morning.

Have a great weekend!

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