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Marigolds 001

Marigolds are beautiful this season (of course, nothing to do with editing)!

Those that write blogs, letters, website updates, email, or even people that are in a profession that involves writing, all know how difficult it is to edit their own work. 

The dictionary definition of edit:  prepare for publishing.  And on that same dictionary page I see the word encyst: defined as an enclosure.  Flip to the “I’s” and find insist (pronounced exactly the same as encyst).  We all know what happens with “sounds like words,” the mind thinks one word and easily writes another.

Recently I wrote a blog post regarding shipping and handling charges.  I left out one extremely important word, which made a huge difference in interpretation.  Had I not corrected the error, I would have been paying money out my nose.  Did I proofread my work? Oh yes! First I read the original copy, a few minutes later I read the preview.  Hours later I printed the preview and read it again.    As a last check I read the final published copy on my phone.  The finished product made sense to me.  I did not see any typos. 


So, how do you edit? Perhaps you are one of the extremely blessed ones that write exactly what you are thinking, smooth as silk.  But, like me, you may write what you think, and hear what you think, but you cannot see the obvious once in print.  I listed my editing steps in the paragraph above.  What I am doing differently today is reading the post out loud.  Wow, what a difference it makes! If you do not take this step already, and if you need help with editing, try it!

Credits:  Webster’s Dictionary (1981 Thumb-Ease version, well worn), and Lynnanne (thank you) for asking questions and pointing out what was not clear.

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Updated Photos

I am not a person that likes to share my photo.  Perhaps it comes from my childhood.  I was one of those extremely shy kids that wanted to hide behind her mother’s skirts.  Those days have pretty much evaporated.  No, I am not one that likes to display myself very easily.  I am still very modest.  But I am a far cry from who I was a number of years back!

I thank my prior boss, Wendy, for chipping the remainder of that shyness away from me.  I recently met back up with Wendy, online, and we are both overjoyed to have our connections again.  She was, and still is, very inspirational to me.   Inspirations in our lives is one of my upcoming blog post topics.

Anyhow…out with the old…in with the new.  The 5 year old photo that I use on all of my accounts is going to go “poof,” and I am determined to keep up with the new.  Love my salt and pepper hair, ladies (and gents)…I no longer color.  And I am proud of it!



Mary Humphrey 006

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Google Reader & Blog Roll

I am working on adding my blog roll. Wouldn’t you know, we now have storms moving through, I lost satellite signal, and I have more blogs still to add. Technology…:)

So I am on my Samsung Smart Phone plugging away. I can publish posts from the phone but I cannot completely edit the blog from here as I would like to.

You may already use this service, I love Google Reader. I have used it for well over a year to keep track of the blogs that I follow and subscriptions (feeds) as well.

Google Reader has many different options, one of which is viewing snippets of blog posts. It really is a nice service. Saves time and helps me to stay organized. And I can use all of the free help I can get in that area!

I also use Google Reader for blog topics that I search for. It lists blog posts that contain that particular topic, a continual list, valuable to me.

I hope to have the new blog roll finished up by this time tomorrow!

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Hello All –

Many of you have asked me why I switched from Blogger to World Press. I guess it boils down to one major thing, and many minor things, I have become very busy and am finding World Press better suited to my needs. My blog and website have to be easy to use, and are my connection to you, my friends, my customers. I do not write the blog for myself, it is for you. And whatever makes things more clear to use, faster, easier, and more accurate, that is the path that I am going to take.

Thank you for your comments on the new blog…I have been working hard!


P.S. I see some of the comments have started to float back in.  With 274 blog posts in 8 months (all imported correctly), only 59 comments imported.  Hardly covered the bases at all! This blog is nothing without your comments, and I hope to see all of them arrive within the next day.

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Moving Day

Don’t hide away…come visit me at my new home http:/www.anniesgoathill.wordpress.com .

The new home is undecorated, with many boxes still to sort through…but the doors are open wide.

No moving help needed, just your visits.

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Lily Valley Goat Milk Soap

Busy day!

I worked in the shop for a bit this morning.  The Lily of the Valley goat milk soap that I cut looks very pretty.  I will report more on its status as it cures.  It looks a little darker in the photo than what it actually is.  Nice soap.

I have been working on this blog most of the late morning and early afternoon.  I am slicing the categories down to around 10.  The “tags” are still numerous, as they should be, but the concise categories will be beneficial when searching for particular posts or topics. 

I am working on a sharper imagine as a banner for this blog as well.  I love the rustic soaps, they do not have to be perfect of course, but getting a sharper image for this particular blog has been a challenge! The colors were tremendous in the original photo, don’t you think?

If you experience problems with the old, or the new blog, please let me know.  The old blog will not be deleted.  Who knows, I may end up using one blog for farm and one for business.  You just never know.  At this time, I plan to continue combining this blog.

Tired and sleepy…has a restless night.  Heading for a power nap right now

Happy Thursday! Blessings!

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Importing Posts

Hello! I am glad you found the new blog…and I am hoping you will enjoy it! I have the work cut out for me.

Later today I will be posting new soap pics, replacing the books (standard template photo)…but you know me, I love old things, the books are beautiful in their own right.

I am in the process of importing all of the old blog posts.  Some might be deleted.  Many will be tagged with new labels and categories.

Until the import is done, I cannot fix a thing…so bear with me.  Better than ever, onwards and upwards!

You can leave comments here at the new blog, or even on the old blog.  I am not going to “poof” the location of the old blog away.  FYI, this blog is temporarily set at a moderating level where I approve the comments before they post. 


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