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Hello All –

Many of you have asked me why I switched from Blogger to World Press. I guess it boils down to one major thing, and many minor things, I have become very busy and am finding World Press better suited to my needs. My blog and website have to be easy to use, and are my connection to you, my friends, my customers. I do not write the blog for myself, it is for you. And whatever makes things more clear to use, faster, easier, and more accurate, that is the path that I am going to take.

Thank you for your comments on the new blog…I have been working hard!


P.S. I see some of the comments have started to float back in.  With 274 blog posts in 8 months (all imported correctly), only 59 comments imported.  Hardly covered the bases at all! This blog is nothing without your comments, and I hope to see all of them arrive within the next day.

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Moving Day

Don’t hide away…come visit me at my new home http:/www.anniesgoathill.wordpress.com .

The new home is undecorated, with many boxes still to sort through…but the doors are open wide.

No moving help needed, just your visits.

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Lily Valley Goat Milk Soap

Busy day!

I worked in the shop for a bit this morning.  The Lily of the Valley goat milk soap that I cut looks very pretty.  I will report more on its status as it cures.  It looks a little darker in the photo than what it actually is.  Nice soap.

I have been working on this blog most of the late morning and early afternoon.  I am slicing the categories down to around 10.  The “tags” are still numerous, as they should be, but the concise categories will be beneficial when searching for particular posts or topics. 

I am working on a sharper imagine as a banner for this blog as well.  I love the rustic soaps, they do not have to be perfect of course, but getting a sharper image for this particular blog has been a challenge! The colors were tremendous in the original photo, don’t you think?

If you experience problems with the old, or the new blog, please let me know.  The old blog will not be deleted.  Who knows, I may end up using one blog for farm and one for business.  You just never know.  At this time, I plan to continue combining this blog.

Tired and sleepy…has a restless night.  Heading for a power nap right now

Happy Thursday! Blessings!

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Importing Posts

Hello! I am glad you found the new blog…and I am hoping you will enjoy it! I have the work cut out for me.

Later today I will be posting new soap pics, replacing the books (standard template photo)…but you know me, I love old things, the books are beautiful in their own right.

I am in the process of importing all of the old blog posts.  Some might be deleted.  Many will be tagged with new labels and categories.

Until the import is done, I cannot fix a thing…so bear with me.  Better than ever, onwards and upwards!

You can leave comments here at the new blog, or even on the old blog.  I am not going to “poof” the location of the old blog away.  FYI, this blog is temporarily set at a moderating level where I approve the comments before they post. 


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New Blog

This is a temporary post.

Until I am finished with the settings, links, categories, etc…, on this blog, please visit the prior/existing blog at: http:/www.anniesgoathill.blogspot.com . 


Thank you!

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How is everyone? I am fine, great, happy…even though I still cannot arrange the photos within my blog again today…I am being tested!
I worked today…yes…I know, it is Sunday. The husband went to visit his tutor for assistance with an exam that he is re-taking this week and I decided to catch up a bit more in the soap shop while he was out.
I love the photo of the new Yuzu fragranced goat milk soap. I think my phone took a good shot of it. I took a new mug shot for the lotions. I’ll work on it again. Gone are the kraft labels. As much as I would have liked to make them work they simply had no stickability (I made that word up, it might exist though). Uh huh.
Lotions are my focus this week. Even though I leave the lotions on the website, they never show a back order, I can tell you, especially this week. I was sold out! Very few bottles remained. But I like ’em fresh, so that is how they go out whenever I cannot replinish the entire supply. But…my goal is to have the supply completely refreshed by Wednesday, all 10 scents.
I have been doing some cleaning and organizing as well. See the planner on the desk? It is working! The corner in the photos is my shop “office” so to speak. I have a real office in the house, where I am sitting now. I am considering moving my old PC into the shop so I can hook up an unused printer for labels. But…I am sort of (hmmm) out of room. The husband has suggested that I begin using a part of his wood shop for storage. He says he is going to have to build a new building. Nooo…nooo….and noooo.
Since I took you for a visit into the shop today. I thought I would show you what I was listening to as well. The CD is called Church In The Wildwood, Volume II. I think it was put together specifically for the Cracker Barrel stores. There are no vocals, the instruments are: hammered dulcimer, autoharp, guitar, fiddle and mandelin. Beautiful! Peaceful. I listen to many different kinds of music. If you knew what I was playing in my truck this week you would think I was reverting back to the early 70’s. So I will leave that up to your imagination.
Is anyone else having problems with posting photos, specifically when you post more than one, does Blogger still allow you to move the photos within the post? Starting yesterday I have not been able to. It looks rather dorky to me to post 3 or 4 photos in a row with no verbiage. But that is what I will do until I get the problem resolved.

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The original pledge to myself was to never miss a day of blogging. Hmmm…I have broken my own pledge. 10 lashes with a wet noodle…not!

I remember reading a soaper friend’s blog one day. She had not blogged for a week, and then she wrote (to the effect of), “My mother said to get busy making soap. She wants to see soap progress, not blog progress.” Sorry for dropping the soaper’s name, I have a number of wonderful soaper friends and the quote sticks in my mind, but not the name that goes with it!

Recently I have made great efforts to build the soap and lotion stock up. It is a must! As my best friend said to me, “You need to fill that warehouse!” Yes, sir!
Fill…fill…and fill…but I do miss writing.
All good things in their own time…patience.

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Testing Apologies


I am doing some testing this morning with my PDA. Cannot use the normal blogger route, but can blog post via email. I have one more test to make (with a pic attached), and hopefully, I can stop posting and deleting soon!

If you follow the blog, sorry for any problems this posting and deleting might have caused for you this morning.

Thanks, Mary

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It troubles me when I read blogs and cannot leave comments. If you can leave comments tonight, or any time soon, please let me know if you encounter the same troubles at times. Sluggish moving along, and not able to leave comments. I appreciate each and every comment, and read every one that is left, and I try to do the same!

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Butterfly Award

I am honored to report that I have received a Butterfly Award from Alix, of Casa Hice. Alix is a fun lady, one that is a joy to talk with, a supportive friend, and one that definitely writes an entertaining blog! You might not want to take a sip of coffee or pop before you sit down to Ms. Alix’s blog!

Blogging is a great way to make new friends, connections across the globe. I feel blessed that we have the means to network with so many people. Being able to write is something that I treasure, and being able to read other’s blogs is something I look forward to each day!

All blogs take time and effort. Blogs that are simple are just as valuable as those that are elegant and fancy. Spilling your heart, knowledge, and passions out in print, for the world to see, deserves acknowledgement. But choosing one single blog to give an award to, or ten blogs to give an award to, is very difficult (for me). The reason is, they all deserve an award because they were put together by someone with thought behind them.

So, here is what I am going to do. I am going to post the rules for the butterfly award, but the rules I am going to follow will be bent slightly. My goal is to choose at least a recipient per month for a Butterfly Award. This means that my award giving might stretch over a 10 month span.

When I give an award, it will be given for whatever reason I see fit at that time. It might be awarded to someone having winter doldrums that needs brightening up, it could be given to someone that has a great blog, it might be given for one particular interesting blog post, and it might just be awarded randomly.

That is my plan…and here are the blog rules that have been handed down to all recipients of the Butterfly Award:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Award up to ten other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message for your awardees on their blogs.

6. Is my own rule, HAVE FUN!!!

Today I have decided to award one blog. This is being given to a lady that has been a good friend, Amy, of I (love) Nubians, make mine Mini!, Pine Pod farm.

I met Amy going on 4 years ago through a goat forum. She is a positive young woman, one that lovingly tends to her goats and farm critters, and is very dedicated to her family and friends.

Amy helps me in many situations. Just the other day, for example, a blogger reported that they were not seeing photos correctly on one of my blog posts. I knew I could email Amy and that she would be Johnny-on-the-spot, reporting what she saw. She did it, and I know I can trust every word she says. That is friendship. A good genuine friend! Thank you, Amy!!!!

I will have my eyes and ears open to more award deservings…you just never know. I could award the remaining 9 tomorrow, but I’ll take my time more than likely! 🙂

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