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The Missing Blog Roll


From My Desk To Yours

A few months back I accidentally removed my blog roll.

I fretted for a moment, felt a bit of discomfort, knowing that I had deleted some pretty special links.

As time went on I relaxed. 

Now I have decided to leave it as it is.


As a human being, and as a business person, I simply cannot pick and choose bloggers.  If I listed all of the blogs that I read you would find pages upon pages listed.

As Kathy B., of Spot On Cedar Pond also said, I also have eclectic tastes.  I may be reading a wonderful blog written about Texas folks one day, reading about goats tomorrow, reading about a country cottage the next day, or even about natural perfuming or soaping the next.

It is easier for me, as busy as I already am, to leave the blog roll alone.  If your blog goes dormant, I do not have to remove your link.  And I do not step on any toes by omitting one of your fantastic blog links.  A blog is a lot of hard work, and I honor each and every person that takes the time to keep one up to date.  

The joy of blogging is, when we find the time to read, we read.  When we comment, we comment (as long as Blogger allows the comments to post, ahem…clearing the throat).

Have a beautiful day, as always!

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