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My husband and I laugh together, sometimes work together, and of course we like separate things as well.  One difference is our tastes in food.

Recently I realized that I was not feeling up to par.  I decided to take things by the reigns.  The first step was a better diet. 

How did a nearly 52-year-old woman get into the habit of eating potato chips with a sandwich for lunch? It isn’t exactly the perfect picture of  a food full of health!

My husband does not like many vegetables.  If it isn’t corn, green beans, or a ripe red tomato, it really isn’t pleasant in front of his eyes.  He doesn’t like to see spinach, and he really sickens to the smell of vegetables cooking.

A week ago I went to the grocery and stocked up on frozen and canned vegetables.  You should have seen that cart! I started taking vitamins and I began eating vegetables while my husband is at work.  The first day I ate an entire can of turnip greens, like a ravished animal.  They were so good!

Next week I am going to cook brussel sprouts, and then aerate the house as best as possible.  Funny.  Wish me luck!

The 4th of July weekend opened my eyes to several things, one was making sure I worked fun back into my life, another was the eating habits.   It really was a refreshing weekend.  I hope it was the same for you.  Very much a blessing!

I am heading outside to enjoy the sunshine as soon as I post this…enjoying the balance in life!

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