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Farm House Goat Milk Soap

I received an email from a much appreciated customer.   She had been surfing sites that sell handcrafted soap, specifically goat milk soap, and wanted to tell me that she was glad I was not into all of the crazy colors, additives, and other things that deterred away from good-for-your-skin goat milk soap.

I feel soaping is artwork. 

A soap maker has numerous options at their disposal when creating a bar of soap.  If the notion hits, they can swirl color in.  If they feel like being different, they can make a multi-colored bar of soap.  Fragrance is at a soaper’s whimsey.  I even read an article recently about soap painting, beautiful.

I pretty much have followed my heart with soaping.  I do not sway much in any direction with my basic recipe, but I do occasionally move from color to color, or design.  I lean on a rustic cut of soap.  I do keep the weight as uniform as possible,  by the electronic scale.  If you see a wave to the top of the soap, it usually occurs naturally.  Or, occasionally I scrape the soap pot and dribble the fresh remnants onto the soap in the mold.  I love that look. 

I enjoy looking at soaps that others make too, just like my customer said she did.  Personally, my skin is sensitive enough, even with skin safe colorants and fragrances, that I cannot use soap for extended periods of time that isn’t basic (with no colorants, and only natural oils).  But I truly give a “high-five” to the creative soaping artists out there! Seriously…there are a lot of fantastic talented soapmakers!

Me, I started with a dream of farm-house soap, and that is where I pretty much remain grounded.  Farm house goat milk soap…similar to my love of primitive and plaid. 

How about you?

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